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This page was last updated on 14th July 2016.
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This page is not a blog. Our daily doings are of no interest to anyone but ourselves and our close family. The intention here is to make available to the people involved the pictures of their involvement in our lives - pictures taken by a happy snappper recording the occasional highlight.

To view the pictures, click on the images. This will open the album for the individual event. When the album is open, clicking on the "Webmaster's Gallery" tab at the top of the album page will display all our albums of all events.

Please note: if a picture appears to be out of focus, wait for a few seconds and it will clear automatically.

My maternal grandfather Herbert Watson Atkinson was killed in action on 14th September 1916 at Flers-Courcelette during the Battle of the Somme. His remains have never been identified. His name is recorded on the Thiepval Memorial to the Missing, as well as in the Harris Library and Museum at Preston. A description of the events of that fateful day can be read here. A brief Life, with details of the events following his death, is here

To access information about the origin of our family name click Swindlehurst.

A brief "Life of Edith Swindlehurst (1899 - 1990)" is here.

A brief Life of Bert Swindlehurst (1898 - 1977) is here.

A brief "Life of Geoff Swindlehurst (1926 - 1969)" is here.

Jack Atkinson (son of Edith's brother Bill, and our cousin) prepared a memoire of his life - see here

(14/07/2016). Our lives over the last 12 months or so have consisted of routine domesticity - Janice's health having precluded us from doing anything exciting. As a result there has been nothing worthy of note, apart from her attendance at Blackpool Victoria Hospital for a cardioversion procedure (literally a heart-stopping event), several admissions to A&E at Royal Preston and a continuous attendance at our health centre. She now awaits a catheter ablation procedure, which (we hope) will return her to something approaching good health and will take place soon. Don't hold your breath.

(22/06/2015). In the 18 months since the last update life has been less than easy - particularly for Janice, who has suffered a series of fairly serious and unpleasant health problems. This has culminated in her being diagnosed with a failing heart, which necessitated us cancelling a long-booked holiday to Crete because of the withdrawal of her approval to fly. She is now awaiting a consultation with a cardiologist, which we hope will provide some hope of a better future.

(27/01/2014). The holiday at Christmas was great but we have both enjoyed the worst respiratory infection we have ever had, following the dreadful flight home. I have had 2 courses of anti-biotic treatment, together with 2 sprays, and am still struggling to breathe. Janice has also developed symptoms. In spite of these problems we visited Tamworth overnight on the 18th January to help my cousin Richard celebrate his 60th birthday. We hadn't met for 38 years! We enjoyed the "do" on Saturday and on Sunday visited the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas. This was disappointing, partly because we weren't really up to it and partly because a lot of the Memorials were inaccessible, being under water following all the rain. We'll go again, in better conditions.

(21/01/2014). On 27th November Janice underwent the long-awaited knee repair operation as a day patient at Chorley Hospital. It was a long day but successful, and her knee is now as good as new (almost). So we were able to go to Tenerife for another fortnight's holiday, this time from 13th December to the 27th. The holiday was excellent but the flight home a nightmare. We were diverted to Manchester and then bussed to Blackpool. The replacement aircraft sent for us should have been in the hangar for major overhaul! Let's hope that 2014 is a big improvement on 2013.

(22/09/2013). On 6th September we flew to Tenerife for a 2-week break - the holiday we should have had in June which was delayed owing to Janice's incarceration in RPH and the follow-on. The weather was excellent, but our movements were restricted by Janice's knee, which is awaiting surgery - now imminent. Only 4 hospital appointments in the next 2 weeks! We will then need another holiday.

Saturday 31st August was Janice's 75th birthday and the Seeds (Margaret and Les) with immense generosity laid on a Birthday Tea for her and a small number of friends and relatives at their home. Pix below.

2013 started off badly (see below) and went steadily downhill thereafter. The worst bit, for us personally, was Janice's period in the Royal Preston Hospital, where (on Sunday 14th April) we nearly lost her - lungs full of water and no oxygen. It has taken until now (2nd September) for her to regain something like normality, and it's not over yet. 2014 has to be better.

On Thursday 3rd January 2013 our daughter-in-law (to be) Sue finally lost her battle against cancer, a battle which she fought with courage, determination and her beautiful smile. The photographs below are no substitute.

We have been helping the Wilson clan to entertain family visitors from Pittsburgh, USA. For details of our adventures click here

The Photographic Record

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family housesOur family homes
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tenerife Tenerife September 2013
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birthday girl Janice's Birthday Tea
31st August
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mag5(3) The Magnificent 7 (-2)
Pig and Whistle Preston, August 2013.
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Sue reclining These photographs were taken on our holiday with Mark and Sue (and Carole) in Spain.
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christening 14th October 2012 - the christening of Oscar and Zackary Davis.
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Janice, ready

Preston Guild 2012 - we took part in the Community Procession, in support of the Jamaican community.


Les getting comfortable


A miscellaneous collection of pix from "outings" with the littlies.

Chris, Janice and Daisy

Daisy's first day! The latest addition to the Parker/Rawlinson/Wilson diaspora makes her debut. 8lbs 4oz of pure magic. Born 19th May 2012 at 7.07pm.

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happy couple

The wedding of Glen and Rachael, 6th May 2012. The marriage took place at The Church of the Sacred Heart, Beech Grove, Ashton, followed by the wedding breakfast and evening reception at Westleigh, Lea Road. The usual family photographer was prevented from carrying his camera by being in pocket-less morning dress so these pix are scavenged from other sources.


The re-structuring of our bathroom began on Friday 13th! The first task was to remove the combi boiler from the cupboard at the top of the stair and re-install it in the kitchen. The cupboard was then removed, along with the contents of the bathroom.


On Friday 16th December 2011 we flew to Tenerife for a fortnight's holiday. Also on the flight (and staying in the same hotel) were my daughter Kate, with Andy, and our friends Edna and Tony Bannister. The hotel (the Adeje Gran) was close to excellent, although the food could have been a little better and the bar prices were robbery. The hotel is a big place, and the breakfast/dining room has a distinct resemblance to a works canteen.
We enjoyed a superb holiday, marred only by returning to a flat battery on the car at Blackpool airport.

Kayleigh with Janice and Donna

On Monday afternoon 5th December 2011, Janice was invited by great-niece Kayleigh to attend the 2011 Graduation ceremony for UCLAN students, held at the Guild Hall, Preston. Kayleigh's father Lance died from cancer 4 years ago aged 43, and Janice was his nurse and carer during his illness.

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On Friday 7th October we hosted a small gathering of friends for a curry and hotpot evening, with a small amount of tonsil varnish included. We enjoyed the evening very much.


On Sunday 2nd October, the Wilson family, together with other involved folk, gathered at St Christopher's Church for the christening of Layla, the latest arrival in the family. After the ceremony, which was conducted with grace, humour and a smile by the lady celebrant, we crossed the road to Lea club, to wet the baby's head.


The 29th September 2011 - my 75th birthday (as they say). I was presented with this magnificent cake by its maker our friend Margaret Seed. Needless to say, it was pretty quickly damaged, starting with the fudge. We also had a small family gathering, held at the EastzEast indian restaurant in Preston - pix to follow.


In our second week we were joined by Christopher (Janice's eldest grandson) and his lady Joanne, who were having a week in Los Cristianos. On Tuesday evening Christopher "popped the question" and was gracefully accepted, so they are now affianced. On Wednesday we visited the happy couple in L C to congratulate them and take a pic or 2.

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We were also joined for our second week at Pearly Grey by Margaret and Les Seed, who had the next apartment to ours. We all enjoyed the Resort, as well as a couple of excursions - photos of Teide etc attached.


On Wednesday 24th August 2011, Preston's Harris Museum staff organised a "Bleasdale Circle" day, comprising an exhibition of artifacts, photographs and other documentation in the Bleasdale Parish Hall, and a guided tour of the Circle site. The day was organised, and the tour led, by Emma Heslewood, the Museum's "Top Cat" in matters pertaining. A splendid effort, much enjoyed by the participants, who were unexpectedly treated to some late summer weather, and a dry-foot crossing of the swamp.


The first Monday of the summer hols for Evie - and the weather came up trumps (and about time too). A day at Brock, where, by chance, Evie met Luke who had been in the same "room" at Tinkerbells Nursery for 3 years. After 10 minutes of shyness, they spent hours together. Having arrived early the children had the river to themselves, but as time passed more people arrived and it became almost crowded. We left mid-afternoon, which was a good decision. A wonderful day.


The Fishwick girls' annual trip to Cartmell Races took place on 14th July 2011. Numbers sadly depleted, for a variety of reasons, but a successful and fun day out, with gorgeous weather, lucky bets and a superfluity of alcoholic beverages.

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I invited "my (extended) family" to join Janice and me at Longridge Golf Club on 23rd June 2011 for a family party, to help us celebrate a momentous week in my life. 4 folk couldn't make it because of pre-booked holidays, 1 because of an unavoidable night shift, 1 because of short-term illness. 29 folk did make it, it was a wonderful evening for me, and topped off with a Sarah buffet. How close can you get to Paradise without dying? Thanks to everyone.


Layla, great-granny Janice's 5th great-grandchild, and 4th great-granddaughter, born to Nicola and Lyndon, 16th June 2011. (This picture is of granddad Glen, with his 4th girl).


On our return from Crete, Donna (widow of Janice's nephew Lance Rawlinson) brought her twin grandsons Riley and Charlie to see us. This put Janice in "brood mother" mode, as usual.

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Crete 2011
Crete May 2011. We decided as an experiment to try an "all-in" package holiday, as a change from our usual self-catering style. We chose what seemed to be a reasonable deal from Jet2 - a week on Crete from Manchester for £765.00 for both of us, discounted by £70.00 for booking at the right time. So the total price was £695.00! We didn't expect much but the reality was superb. The accommodation was excellent, the facility clean (to the point of appearing new), a lovely beach, snow on the mountains and Crete is wonderful. This includes the most magnificent thunderstorm ever, starting at 3.00pm (after a morning of rain) and continuing non-stop until after midnight. The resulting run-off from the intense rain turned the blue Mediterranean brown as far as the horizon the day after. The only gripe was the quality/quantity/nature of the food - not good. It was a very enjoyable week, and the Jet2 service couldn't be faulted.
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14th May 2011 - Longridge Golf Club annual Curry Night. Curries (and alternatives, for the weak amongst us) by Sarah, and entertainment by "Chimes Two", comic and musical duo from Liverpool. An excellent evening and worth more than the price charged.


11th May 2011 - Janice and the Fishwick girls, minus Mavis (unavoidably detained) and (sadly) Valerie, who died last year, plus Olive and Joyce2, now honorary fishes.


4th May 2011 - Janice enjoying the first visit to the Towers by Oscar Davis (accompanied by both parents) her new great-grandson!


On 28th April we paid our annual visit to the Brock area, to see the bluebells. The valley which we visit is away from the Brock valley proper, on a small tributary which is always deserted and unspoilt. The silence was broken only by the sounds of nature - birdsong and whispering trees.

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2 cheffettes

Monday the 28th March was young Glen's umptyumpth birthday. As a treat Janice made a batch of his (and my) favourite goodies - Cream Crisps! This could not be achieved without the diligent and skillful assistance of a couple of cheffettes. Evie and Ruby resplendent in their new work uniform, specially imported from Ireland.


On Thursday 24th March 2011, the weather still being wonderful, we made our regular visit to the Brock valley, where the ashes of my parents and Janice's mother had been scattered in earlier years. The valley is a wonderful place at any and every time of year, full of flowers, trees, birdsong, the river's noises, and curiously is often deserted - it's as close to wilderness as there is in the UK.
It is also full of historical interest, particularly of its industrial past. There were 3 watermills in a very short stretch, named (with inspired poetic resonance) Lower Brock Mill (LBM), Brock Mill and Higher Brock Mill. LBM was a silk mill and these photographs show its sad remains, together with clear evidence of the natural environment re-asserting itself.


On Wednesday 23rd March 2011, having been inspired by my sister Margaret, we took a walk through the Norber Erratics, a large and random scattering of lumps of sandstone, carried here by glacial action and dumped when the ice melted.
They are comparitively old rock, lying on top of much younger limestone , and thus are a geological curiousity.
Norber is a small area on the uplands between Austwick and the Ribble valley. It is a few miles from Settle, where we subsequently had the estimable pleasure of lunch at the Singing Kettle, a small but fine establishment serving high quality, low cost meals. We recommend it unreservedly.


On Tuesday 1st March 2011, we sneaked off for the day to the Lake District, and what a fantastic day it was! Warm, wind-less, sunny and the best snowdrop display for years. These pictures were taken at Beckhead, Witherslack, in a garden alongside the road.

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the gang

On Monday 6th September we went on a 5-day National Holidays coach trip to the Isle of Wight. Neither of us had previously visited the Isle and we were impelled to do this trip by the splendid experience we had enjoyed last year with the Company on our trip to London. What a contrast! We were hugely disappointed by the hotel, which was awful, also by the Isle (if you want to be totally under-whelmed by a tourist "hot-spot", try the Needles viewpoint) and the holiday was saved only by the excellent driver/guide Magnus and particularly by 4 charming folk from the Blackburn area - Maureen and Alan Ross and Brenda and Brian Worden. By a peculiar coincidence, Maureen was born a Swindlehurst! Nuff sed.


21st August 2010 - the marriage of Chelsee Wilson (Janice's granddaughter) and Andy Davis at Garstang Country Club. A lovely young couple, and a splendid day all round. As an experiment I used my Nintendo DSi camera function rather than the usual Samsung 500. The pix are not as good but the Nintendo fits the pocket better!


7th August 2010, Longridge Golf Club, Captain's Night bash. Another superb evening of excellent entertainment, delicious food (as usual, courtesy of Sarah) and fun atmosphere. A great time was had by all. Some photographs of some of the revellers are here.


Saturday 26th June was a wonderful sunny and warm summer's day, just perfect for the 2010 Lytham Club Day. Our grand-daughter Amber was an attendant to the Rose Queen and is pictured here in the landau waiting for the procession to start. Clicking the photograph produces pix of some of the other participants in the procession.
For those not in the know, "club day" used to be a nation-wide institution, when each town and village would parade its individual church (and other organisations') banners through its streets, with their members in support. This has fallen out of use in most of the bigger urban developments, but the Fylde villages still maintain their traditions. (In this respect Lytham is still a village).

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On Tuesday 11th May 2010 I attended a medal presentation at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, along with many other veterans of the war in Malaya in the 50's and 60's against the Communist insurgency, to be presented with the Pingat Jasa Malaysia by Brigadier General Dato MD Tajri Alwi. My picture is here. This photograph was taken by Genesis Photo Imaging, the official photographers for the ceremony.

Information about the Pingat Jasa Malaysia is available on this website

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Over the years we have taken lots of photographs, which are mostly colour prints. We are now scanning these, in batches, and uploading them likewise. They will of course be basically in random order, but where possible we may manage some sequencing and/or continuity. Previously we have attached a relevant photograph to each entry, but these retrospective pix will usually only have links, shown in red.
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Janice and I treated ourselves to a week's holiday on the Outer Hebrides. These are magical islands, with a mind-boggling amount of interest, including archaeology, history, culture, biology and flora. There are other curiosities as well, including the only scheduled air service in the world which lands on a tidal beach! No photographs do justice - this link shows some of the beaches, with a few others thrown in. Some of them are shown at right.
Kilpheder beach

Kilpheder Beach - where is everybody?

Hougharry beach

Hougharry Beach, as circular as a meteorite strike

Hougharry beach

Hougharry Beach, with Janice

Hushinish beach

Hushinish beach, with flotsam

Hushinish beach

Hushinish Beach, with jetsam

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